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The key to technology helping a company is keeping IT functions available and operational for use as much as possible.


The key to technology helping a company is keeping IT functions available and operational for use as much as possible. It is not possible to have 100% operational up time, so what is the best way to handle the times when they are not working? One very valuable solution is a Help Desk.

What is a Help Desk and how is it implemented?

A Help Desk is a resource designed for IT users to contact when they are having problems with their IT services. Help Desks institute a multi-tiered trouble shooting approach by having personnel with extensive technical knowledge available.

Technologies practices the following methods for implementing a Help Desk:

* Single point of contact for IT interruptions
* Computer or Software consultations
* Tracking capabilities of all incoming problems
* Problem escalation procedures
* Problem resolution 

Managed Services


What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services are a cost effective way for organizations to outsource their IT needs at a lower cost than hiring IT personnel or even building an in-house IT support department. Hired personnel have to be managed and benefits paid and ultimately the executive management of a company is in the dark about what is truly needed by this person(s) or department. Managed IT Services simplify IT operations and allow Netmarks Technologies to deliver the same high-level tools and know-how generally applied to any organization. Netmarks Technologies can bring this technology into your environment at an affordable price because the expense of hiring and recruiting key staff is distributed over our entire client base. We maintain the highly qualified technical staff and allow you to focus on managing other priorities.

Netmarks IT Group

* Keep your operations running during your most critical hours of operation for less than it is actually costing you now for your reactive support services.
* Take a proactive approach to your computer support, detecting network and security issues before they become expensive problems leading to downtime and data loss.
* Stand our ground on every ICT recommendation we make, with a 100% customer satisfaction promise.

With comprehensive IT support plans

With comprehensive IT support plans, you can eliminate the stress of budgeting for technology and focus on growing your success. Whether your organization requires systems management and network consulting services, remote & on-site support, computer network maintenance services, IT management services, IT support, wireless networking, computer network installation, or network & server support, you can rely on us.

ICT Consulting

In management, information technology consulting (also called ICT consulting, computer consulting, business and technology advisory services) as a field of activity focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology in archiving their buildings objectives.


We offer the following solutions under consulting:
SAP Implementation & Support
Oracle Implementation & Support
BI and Analytics
ERP Solutions

Business Services

ICT Resource Management & Outsourcing

The better a business can deliver day-to-day ICT operations, the more successful it will be in reacting to change and supporting wider business growth strategies.

In conjunction with its existing team. ICT Resource Management can help an organisation deal with the pressures of staff shortages on a short or longer-term basis, or to plug critical technology skills gaps within the company.

Within the ever-changing dynamics of the business world, ICT Resource Management provides a fresh strategic approach to Resourcing, which can enable organisations to meet their staffing requirements, but also keep costs to a minimum.

Body shopping is the practice of sub-contracting; where a business loans the technical expertise of an organisation’s employee. It enables companies to access skilled individuals or a team of professionals to work remotely or on the business’s premises,

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